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Mission: Helping People with Life Challenges Through Outreach and Interactions with Animals and Nature

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Thanks so much for being a Colby's Army volunteer! New and current volunteers are encouraged to check back here often for news and reminders that are specific to you.

If the weather is bad and it is a day when we are providing services at the learning center or having trainings or other events, we will post cancellations and other news on our Facebook page. Not on Facebook? Just call or text us and we will fill you in.

Can't make your regularly or previously scheduled volunteer time slot? No worries. We understand that life happens. But please contact us as soon as possible so we can reach out to other volunteers to fill your slot. We really depend on you and if we don't know that you won't be there, it could mean that our therapy animals will not get fed, or that we do not have items to distribute during our weekly homeless outreach.

We love it when you stop by and also when you bring guests because we love to see you and also want to show off our facility. But please call, text, or email first. We may be in a meeting and unable to conduct a tour or meet your guests. Or, we could be giving a lesson, off property visiting with our friends who are homeless, getting hay, or running any number of other errands. Thank you for giving us a heads up!

When you have time, please take a full look see through our  website. There is a lot of good information about what we do and who we serve.

Please also check out our information about People First Language on our news page. People First Language uses word order to describe people with disabilities and life challenges as more than just their disability.

Remember that for the health and safety of everyone, we are a drug, alcohol, and smoke-free facility. If you must smoke, please do so inside your vehicle. Please DO NOT smoke outside on our property, since volunteers and participants may be allergic, and it is also a fire hazard. Thank you.

We are also a weapon-free facility. If you have a weapon, please lock it in the glove compartment or trunk of your vehicle.

Document your volunteer hours! Please!The total number of volunteer hours is very important when we apply for grants and other funding, and without proper funding, we cannot continue to operate. It also helps us to know what day you volunteered and what hours of the day you volunteered. This helps us schedule and manage projects, meetings, and other events. Thank you for filling out your volunteer time card every time you volunteer!

Thank you, too, for leaving your dogs and other critters at home.  Our insurance does not allow dogs on the property, and our participants may have allergies or be fearful of dogs. In addition, our therapy horses and cats are not used to having canine friends around and may become distracted.

Dropping off in-kind donations such as office supplies?THANK YOU!!! We need them! Be sure you log them in, though. The log book (or clipboard) is usually on the table near the homeless outreach center. Also, if you or the person you are dropping off for needs an itemized receipt, please itemize items before you drop off. Once unloaded, it is too easy for items to get mixed up with other donations. Thanks!

Volunteers are welcome to wade in the creek before or after their volunteer shifts, as long as the following rules are followed:

1. Please ask a staff member if it is okay.

2. The buddy system must be followed. No one wades alone.

3. Everyone who goes into the creek must wear a full shoe, such as a swim shoe, or rubber boots. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pieces of glass and metal sometimes float down from upstream. We do not want you to get cut on one of these items, or a sharp rock or stick.

4. No one is allowed in the creek during therapeutic riding lessons, as it distracts the horses. Yes, they know you are there even if they cannot see you. :-)

5. The creek is off limits to everyone during bad weather, or when the water level is high.

The creek is a beautiful place and we want volunteers to enjoy it, but please follow our rules so everyone stays safe.

Special summer volunteer needs:

We are especially looking for volunteers who can operate our riding lawn mowers and weed eaters, plant, weed, pick up sticks and rocks, trim brush, and use a chain saw to cut up downed trees. We also need committee members for special events. If this is you, please let us know!


We  appreciate you for telling your friends about us. As we grow, we need additional volunteers and additional funding. It really does take an army to change the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We could not make such a difference in the lives of others without YOU!