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We are proud to embrace people first language. People first language emphasizes the person, rather than the disability, challenge, or difference. In placing the person first, the disability is no longer the primary, defining characteristic of an individual, but one of several aspects of the whole person.

Rather than "a homeless man", we say "a man who is homeless." Rather than "an autistic girl," we say, "a girl with autism." It's a simple rephrasing of words, but one that is meaningful.

We appreciate your support of people first language and encourage you to share the idea with your friends.


We have many sponsorship opportunities around our learning center that can be made in honor or memory of a loved one, or in support of a business or family member. Most sponsorships come complete with signage that encourages our supporters to support you!

These sponsorships are vital in helping us keep our doors open, and they allow us to continue to provide needed services to people with life challenges. Most sponsorships are very affordable. Please email us to learn more!


We have some openings in each of our programs. If you know of someone who could benefit from our programs and services, please have them, or a loved one, contact us. Slots are filling fast!


If you take your dog for a walk, keep in mind that hot cement, pavement or asphalt can burn the pads of your pet's feet. Try to stay on the grass.

Hypermiling involves getting as much gas mileage out of your vehicle as possible. Try starting and stopping slowly, taking your foot off the gas pedal just before you reach the top of a hill, and driving a mile or two under the speed limit. Hypermile for a week to see how much you save!

See someone who is too hot? Please carry bottled water with you to hand out to people who are hot. This simple gesture could save a life.