Mission: Helping People with Life Challenges Through Outreach and Interactions with Animals and Nature

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As per our mission, each of our programs is designed to help people with life challenges through outreach, or through interactions with animals and nature.  We also work closely with our participants and their families and caregivers to set personal goals that ensure maximum progress.

Our participants include children and adults with physical, cognitive, or emotional difficulties. Whether it is helping a man who is homeless learn life skills such as affect, leadership, self-care, and teamwork, or a young woman with autism or Down syndrome learn to follow two- and three-step directions, we make a difference in the lives of our participants, and in the lives of their families.

Currently, we are accepting participants in all four of our programs, and can also use volunteer help in these areas as well. Just click on the links below or access the program pages through the menu at the top of the page. 

Homeless Outreach and Operation Backpack

Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Activities

Job Training

Organic Gardening

We also are an educational K-12 school field trip destination where  students  learn about leadership, horses, plants, nature, clean water, nutrition, and more. Please email us at info@colbysarmy.org for more information.


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