Mission: Helping People with Life Challenges Through Outreach and Interactions with Animals and Nature

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Colby's Army photo of a pasture drag made of used tires
Colby's Army photo of a eco friendly pallet mounting block for horses


At Colby's Army we have a culture of sustainablity, and take care to recycle, upcycle, repurpose, and reuse all that we can.

From our pasture fence posts that are made from remelted former rail road tracks, and the solar units that power our fences,  we do our best to be kind to the earth and use what we already have.

A trip to our learning center shows visitors our stick and bailing twine paper tower holders, and our mounting block made of tires and rammed earth. We also have pallet planters, rubber matting that used to be part of a conveyor belt in West Virginia, and a tire drag that spreads out the manure in our pastures.

We bed our run in sheds with shredded paper, then put the pooped and peed on paper into our compost pile, which eventually gets tilled into the earth.

Our entire obstacle /challenge course was made from repurposed items. We braid bailing twine into rope, practice organic gardening principles, and leave as much of our property in as natural a state as we can.

Every day we find more ways to become more sustainable. In addition to it being creative, fun, and affordable, it conserves donor resources and is the right thing to do. Come see what we have done, and see what fun ideas you can incorporate into your home or business.

Colby's Army photo of a sustainable pallet container for garden hoses
Colby's Army photo of a sustainable pallet bench